Marigold engage(1)EN Ver

作品名:Marigold engage(1)EN Ver
ジャンル:おっぱい, ラブラブ/あまあま, 中出し, フェラチオ, 和姦, 口内射精, 獣耳, 褐色/日焼け


It’s a story about making a baby with a brown fox.

■There was a fox who was the messenger of the sun god, and whose job was to convey the word of the god to the people since the time of mythology.One day, the Sun God said…
「Those who live in this land will not need a signpost any longer, and I will reward you for fulfilling your role as a divine messenger…」
The fox wished to live, to become a human being who had lived and made history together…
A few hundred years later, a fox picks up a baby, raises it, and decides to live forever with it.
Kinseka:The main character of this work is a brown fox, a pure-hearted girl who is single-minded in her love for you. However, she is very active in making babies.
You:The heroine of the film and Kinseka’s husband, she was abandoned at a shrine when she was a baby to cut back on her income, but was picked up by Kinseka.
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