Minamo’s Island [ENG Ver.]

作品名:Minamo’s Island [ENG Ver.]
ジャンル:ドット, アニメ, 中出し, 複数プレイ/乱交, レイプ, 黒髪



* What kind of game is this?
This is a mini RPG where a girl ends up in ecchi situations.
The game contains lots of cream-pie and suction type situations.
Cross-section views can be toggled ON / OFF
There are no battle or training aspects to this game.

* About Pose Art
The pose art changes/animates according to different situations.
The erotic motions are nearly all animated and come with voice.
In addition to normal motions, 30 total erotic motions are included.

* Voicing
Kityune performed the voicing on this project:



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