Little Bitch!

作品名:Little Bitch!
ジャンル:おさわり, 3D作品, ロリ, コメディ, 中出し, フェラチオ, 羞恥/恥辱, 強制/無理矢理


The Ultimate 3D Erotic Battle RPG

Be sure to check the startup with the trial version. Please refer to the general help for crashes that occur the moment you start this game.

If you have a bluetooth pad, such as DualShock4 wireless adapter, you may not be able to operate the game.
Double-clicking SafeBoot.bat will start the game with the mouse and keyboard fixed (ignore the pad).

I was asked to take care of my niece, Yuzu, at home. Her parents are busy, and this kind of thing happens often.
Yuzu is quiet and shy, but we were able to get to know her by playing games together.
I was thinking about what game we should play next time…

Yuzu-chan was possessed by a demon and turned into a little bitch!

She kicks me around and takes my money as allowance (she doesn’t do anything sexual!).
The demon’s power is so strong that even I, an adult, have been beaten to a pulp…
But I’m not just being beaten up.
My sperm has an ability of exorcise the demons.
Let’s use his sperm to exorcise the demons in her womb.

Rape? No, this is a holy act of sexual intercourse to exorcise demons in order to save Yuzu-chan!
And so begins a life of having sex with Yuzu at bedtime, while bathing, using hypnosis apps, and all sorts of other means.

Of cause, the sex are not consented. But the story is a bit of a gag.


4K support
Support 360fps! ( You need to have a monitor that supports 360fps, but even if you don’t, you can change it to 120fps.
Over 80 scenes (including victory and defeat differences)
More than 100 animations.
More than 100 animations – Lots of voices!
Special filters can be applied to enhance the atmosphere of REC, night vision mode, peephole, video sites, smartphone videos, CRT TV, etc.
Full support for pad operation (wired only)

Crashes and other information are transmitted via the Internet. Can be played without internet connection.
You can follow our progress on cien.

We accept bug reports and requests on twitter and discord.



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