Paradise: A Bizarre World Full of Monster Girls Vol .2

作品名:Paradise: A Bizarre World Full of Monster Girls Vol .2
ジャンル:男主人公, ロリ, ショタ, 人外娘/モンスター娘, ファンタジー, バイオレンス, ミステリー, 淫乱


Paradise. Dreams to many. A hassle to one.

When the modern world has the existence of monster girls living alongside humans, things would be quite exciting. But for this private detective, it’s nothing more than a hassle.

But when he discovers that a succubus name Yamito Miyamoto is framed for raping and murdering Parker Johnson, the owner of the Lover’s Paradise Factory, he must set out to prove her innocence as well as cracking the case behind who is the true killer.

Though his case won’t be simple as not only does he have to deal with other monster girls trying to seduce him, but also deal with punks looking for a fight, an actor who is looking for his wife and a judge who has a dangerous gang under her control.



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