Yaohu Mimi ~Sex in the Foreign World~

作品名:Yaohu Mimi ~Sex in the Foreign World~
ジャンル:おさわり, 断面図, 妖怪, フェラチオ, 淫乱, 複数プレイ/乱交, ネコミミ, 巨乳/爆乳


** Storyline

Mimi was a Yaohu (Mythical Fox Spirit) who had gone astray into the human world.
Her mission was to dispel all evil within the modern society.
There was only one way to do so;
unleash the men’s libido…

The stylish, attractive Yaohu was
confronted with immediate sex of the impatient men!
Can Mimi return back home?

** Game Features

You can freely dress the Yaohu
She may suffer sexual harassment…

The game progress real-time, with morning, afternoon, and night time events.
Travel around the city at various points in time. Look for men with strong libido.

Together with serving humans,
Mimi is also confronted with monsters summoned from the foreign world…!?

Before she knew it, she was addicted to sex!

This is the story of the girl with the soft breast and thick thighs.



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