Forte Girl (English version)

作品名:Forte Girl (English version)
メーカー:hyper-mind Graphics
ジャンル:フェチ, マニアック/変態, 3D作品, 変身ヒロイン, SF, 丸呑み, 陵辱, リョナ



The story takes place in the year 25xx AD. Humanity is faced with an era in which the existence of extraterrestrial life, or aliens, has become commonplace.

Alice, a member of the Interplanetary Security Force (IPSF), the galactic police force, spends her days fighting evil as a Forte Girl. Her fighting ability is immeasurable. However, even this invincible superheroine has a weakness…
The main focus of this work is to watch the strong superheroines undergo maniac and perverted attacks by the leaders of the powerful evil organization HARM.

In the trial version, you can play until the battle, including the first humiliation. Please check if it works properly and check the atmosphere of the work.



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