Roche Parfegrasse – The Tundele From the Land of Magic

作品名:Roche Parfegrasse – The Tundele From the Land of Magic
ジャンル:女王様/お姫様, ファンタジー, ツンデレ, 陵辱, フェラチオ, レイプ, 触手, 巨乳/爆乳


** Synopsis

There was a beautiful girl and a famous princess in the country of magic.
Roche Parfegrasse. she exists to be a princess eventually.
However, Roche was disgusted by the clinging as a princess and the strict education to become a princess.
Then, the roche who came the limit of the endurance comes out of the country of magic one day, and comes to Japan.
Roche met a Japanese man named Takayuki there.
She’s stinging, sometimes she’s deled,
Living in Japan while being chased by a magical country…

** System

[Delle degree]
The height of the delle degree changes the later scenario.

The high level of lewdness changes the reaction of Roche in the erotic scene.

** Multi-ending

There are two types: tuntsun route and dele dele route.
Route branched by degrees.
On the tuntsun route, Roche remains tuntun until the end of the story.

** Character

Roche Parfegrasse
Princess of the magical country.
He is 160 cm tall.
The style is good on the small side.
I’m basically a princess with a selfish personality,
On the other hand, there is a good side which is hot in the in-laws and humanity, too.
curious and interested in Japanese things from a different world.



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