Victoria’s Body

作品名:Victoria’s Body
メーカー:Overlord Empire LLC
ジャンル:女性視点, マニアック/変態, 変身ヒロイン, 人外娘/モンスター娘, ボンデージ, パイズリ, フタナリ, 人体改造










仲間からのヘルプが必要であれば 開発者のDiscordサーバーに参加してみて下さい。(英語版):

矢印キー又は左マウスクリック – 移動
Enter又は Z 又は左マウスクリック – 確認
Esc 又は X又は右マウスクリック – キャンセル又はメニュー (バトル外)
Shift (ホールド) – スプリント/高速移動


Victoria Trinikhar is an all powerful vampire who had no equal. That is, except for the mischievous demon Hanaja.

After losing a humiliating game to the hellish nuisance, the mighty vampire returned to her castle. But oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Victoria is quickly reminded that she lost her castle to her underhanded friend and the only way she can get it back is by indulging in a wicked game of transformation, debasement and erotic humiliation. What will break first?
Her pride or her sense of identity? Victoria’s Body is an erotic game of sexual transformation and humiliation.

Fight enemies as they attempt to humiliate you by changing different body parts of yours to match the hyper-fetishizied versions of their own and disrupt your attacks.

Don’t think that you can avoid indulging in your fetishes either, as you’ll need transformations like those cock-sucking bimbo lips to activate statues and solve puzzles in order to progress through the twisted castle!

Mix and match transformations to progress Change your battle strategy as transformations change your available attacks Explore the different wings of the castle to gain power Swap out unique trinkets to optimize combat strategies Enjoy a light-hearted, kinky story between “frenemies."

Get help from an unlikely ally that fans of Lustfall will find familiar Join the developer Discord server (English speaking):

Arrow Keys or Left Mouse Click – Move
Enter or Z or Left Mouse Click – Confirm
Esc or X or Right Mouse Click – Cancel or Menu (Outside of Battle) Shift Key (Hold) – Sprint/Move Fast

Let’s promote sex positivity and stay kinky my lovely perverts!



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