The way you get Attention.(e-book)

作品名:The way you get Attention.(e-book)


This is the second volume of my original spanking doujinshi.
Tokito, the head butler, is in charge of the servants working in a large mansion.
He receives a report from a subordinate that the mansion’s only daughter, Lady Claire, is being selfish and unruly.
When he checks with the lady, she says she doesn’t know anything about it and there’s nothing she can do about it.
When Tokito tells the young lady that he will punish her, she replies, ’It’s unacceptable for a butler to do such a thing, my father would never allow it.
Claire’s face turns pale when she learns that the owner of the mansion (Claire’s father) had entrusted the education of his daughter to the head butler, Tokito.
There’s no excuse now.
It’s as if we’re secretly peeking in on the self-assured young lady being on his knee and having her spanked and being scolded…it’s become such a manga.

Front and back covers in color
20 pages total, 16 pages of text in black and white
PNG format with PDF file are included.

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